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In December 2021, Gavin's life changed forever after a night out in downtown Toronto. While walking back to his hotel from a sports bar, Gavin was shot directly through his chest. The bullet he was hit with missed his heart by centimetres, and directly punctured his lung. It also hit his T9 vertebrae. 

After being told he likely would not survive the night, Gavin miraculously woke up days later in hospital. When he woke up, he was told he was never going to be able to walk again. But that didn't sit well with Gavin. To the shock of everyone in his life, Gavin stood up on his own less than 2 months out from being shot in the spine. 

Now, just 4 months into recovery, Gavin is walking with a robotic assistance device and is hoping to walk again one day under his own power. He has just recently been released from hospital care, and will be working with the Neuphysio team in his home town of London, Ontario. We look forward to seeing Gavin continue to shock the world. 

"One of the first things Gavin said to me when we spoke over Facetime is that he is happy that it was him and not his brother who was shot in their altercation. Gavin is truly selfless, and a hero. I will exhaust all of our resources and continue to fundraise as much as it takes to make sure this young man has the chance to reach his new 100%." - Brandon Peacock 

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